About Us

The Cambodian Children’s Advocacy Foundation Organization (CCAFO) is a Cambodian Non-Governmental Organization established in early 2006. The purpose was to create an NGO to provide a means to educate children, help in the reduction of poverty by addressing it’s root causes, and to assist the Cambodian government in providing services for the most vulnerable segments of Cambodian society. CCAFO strives to combine early childhood education and foreign language experience (English), varied community development programs, and economic assistance to address the root causes of rural poverty.

Registered # 419 សជណ, dated March 28, 2006. Taxation Registration Number: K010-108012166, dated: December 26, 2014; Tax Exemption registration number: L20190227002/TD2508; dated March 7, 2019; National Social Security Fund registration # 1001910ថ, dated: January 10, 2011.


We wish to see a happier and better Cambodia in a better world.


To help vulnerable children and families by utilizing village-based preschool, foreign language, life skill training, primary health care, nutritious meals, scholarship and an emphasis on children’s rights.  Funds will be available for children and their families.  Program funding is provided by the donations of individuals and humanitarian organizations.


CCAFO establishes values in its learning environments and works to establish these same values in the students and their families: Responsibility, Accountability, Respect, Compassion, Team Work, Empowerment, Empathy and Economic Opportunity.