Central Office Team (Phnom Penh City) Update July 5, 2022

Hing Channarith

CEO & Co-Founder

Employment: January 1, 2007

Capacity Statement

Introduction: Prior to be the Co-Founder and CEO, Hing Channarith (Rith) held positions within the Cambodian government, UNTAC, a local news paper, the Administrative Manager at the LILIMEX Import and Export Company, the Senior Staff at the Veterans International Cambodia, the Administrative Manager at the LILIMEX Import and Export Company, the Senior Staff at the Veterans International Cambodia, the member of the Rotary Club of Phnom Penh Metro and the member of the Board of Director of the VBNK, an Institute to Serve Facilitators of Development.  Today, Rith is the Chairman of Board Director of Buddhist Library Cambodia Project.

Work experience:  In late 2005, Rith conducted a Feasibility Study for the development of a Day Care Center, a project of CCAFO.  Additionally, he did the Community Needs Assessment for the second development on the Community Development/Food Security Project.  In June 2006, Rith did a research on Visual Impairment Project for the primary school students.  This research is a project of the National Center for Disabled People, funded by UNICEF.

During his employment with Veterans International Cambodia, Rith was the Site Manager at the Kien Khleang Physical Rehabilitation Centre in Phnom Penh (1996 to 2004) and Country Director (June 2004 September 2005).  While working for Veterans International Cambodia, he participated in project planning, organizing, implementing, monitoring and directing programs.  Rith had also participated in proposal development, fundraising, liaising with donors and government agencies.

As the member of the Rotary Club of Phnom Penh Metro, Rith assisted the Rotary International and Rotary Clubs abroad to supervise several projects that have been implemented by cooperating agencies, including Veterans International Cambodia and Sihanoukville Maternity Care Health Unit.  He has assisted the Rotary Club of Maple Valley USA to manage a Water Sanitation Project.

As a member of the Board of Directors of VBNK, Rith has been involved with decision making on strategic planning, staff policy reviews and director appraisals.  He has been volunteered to do a consultancy job for the VBNK on the Nationalization and Localization issue.

Trainings/Workshops:  From 1979 to 2022, Rith attended various training courses, including Warehouse Management, Basic accounting, Project Management, USAID Rules and Regulations, HR Management, English Language Training, Program Cost Analysis and other short courses related to development of NGOs.  In late 2004, Rith participated in a Strategic Planning Workshop held in Washington.  The workshop was organized by the Vietnam Veterans of America Foundation, a parent organization of the Veterans International Cambodia.  2022, he joined two different online trainings on Taxation and Internal Control.  He has a Law Degree.

Recognition:  In November 2006, Rith received a certificate recognizing as an Ambassador for Peace.  In late 2004, Rith received a National Construction Silver Medal from the Royal Government of Cambodia and has had an audience with the King Father Norodom Sihanouk and the King, Norodom Sihamoni.

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Heang LangEng

Administrative and Finance Manager

Capacity Statement

As the Administrative and Finance Manager, Heang Langeng holds a Bachelor Degree in Accounting from Vanda Institute.  Beside it, Langeng attended several trainings on: 1) How to calculate wages and other payments according to the labor law, 2) Cambodian Financial Reporting Standard for Not-For Profit Entities.  At this present time (June 6, 2022), she is attending the General English Language Program Level 8 at the Australian Center for Education.

Langeng has an extensive working experience with non-for-profit organizations for ten years in some social works that related to health care project prior to join the work with Cambodian Children’s Advocacy Foundation Organization (CCAFO) in late December 2018.  The reason that she joins with CCAFO, because she sees CCAFO is running the educational program for rural students.  Thus, she wants to share and contribute her knowledge and experience to the youth and children through the CCAFO, so they can gain knowledge for their better life. 

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Chhin Dalin

Senior Accountant

As an employee who has never worked with a non-profit organization and has become a key employee of Cambodian Children’s Advocacy Foundation Organization (CCAFO). Chhin Dalin has been the Senior Accountant of CCAFO since she started on November 18, 2019.  She used to work for a private company, a for-profit organization, and was only responsible for account receiveble. With the CCAFO, Dalin is given the opportunity to participate in project decisions making, together with the management team. Dalin also benefits from developing her knowledge through on-site training and seminars. As a requirement for daily work, Dalin also gained more knowledge of English through online part-time study on English course at the Australian Center for Education, which she is currently studying at level 8.

Dalin is pleased to be working with the CCAFO and would like to thank the iHerb Charitable Foundation for funding the program to raise knowledge of rural children and staff. Dalin is committed to working with CCAFO as long as she can.

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Doem Samang

Administrative Assistant & Preschool Students Database Facilitator

Working Schedule:

Monday to Friday

(Except Public Holiday)

Working Hours

8:00 AM to 12: PM

1:30 PM to 5:00 PM