Community Preschool Project

The project is created based on the need for pre-education services provide to children, who are living in the rural CCAFO’s target area.  The project aims to reduce the workload of vulnerable households, especially widows, persons living with HIV/AIDS and Persons with Disabilities who have low income, so that they can be involved in income-generating activities. 

Community Preschool education provision for 5 to under 6-year-old provide better preparation for students upon entry to primary education and help to encourage entry at 6 years of age.

The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport of the Royal Government of Cambodia states that the expansion of early childhood education is a key strategy in addressing late entry into primary schooling, reducing levels of grade 1-2 repetition and grade 4-6 drop out, increasing completion rates and improving student performance.

2022, with the fund from donors, particularly iherb charitable Foundation and Buddhist Cambodia Project and others ,we are coordinating 19 different preschool classes (5 among 19 are the minimum standard preschools).